The Best Birthday Gift…


I’ve had a fair few opportunities and I think this year I’ve figured it out.  Perhaps younger me (ironically before I became a Young, actually) might disagree quite strenuously, but all in all I’m fairly certain she had NO clue what she was talking about. Like Ever.  Seriously.  But I digress. Birthday edition #45 has sealed the deal.  The best gift a girl can get on her birthday- laughter. Today has been a day full of goofiness, stupidity, good time with friends, a birthday card fashioned out of two Post-It Notes stapled together and hand carried through the office to collect signatures,  and Once Upon A Deadpool. I can’t imagine any better way to kick off a trip around the sun.  May your next birthday bring you the same sort of These People Are Not Right In The Head giggles that launched mine!

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