Letting Go

This guy was one of the bobbins I left intact in the New Year’s Eve purge. I set it aside a while back because this was a bobbin of leftovers from a previous project. I knew I plied the bright, multi-colored single with a dark gray to tone it down. I knew I bought more of the gray to spin up and ply with the leftovers. And that was all I knew. But I liked it so I thought I might finish it. To the stash cave I went to find the yarn and see what the label could tell me about the original spin.

Only it turned out I set the bobbin aside not just a while, but almost FIVE years ago. Man time flies. The true significance wasn’t in how much time has passed but in how much habit has been built in that five years. Because five years ago was a lot of classes ago and it turns out it was also a lot of bad habits ago. Because I had NOTHING. And no Ravelry stash page. And a mystery of construction with no notes to remind me what I did. I established that the yarn is actually 3 ply, not 2 like I’d thought, and a 2×1 cable at that. I knew it was a project for a group I used to participate in, so I managed to trace it back to a post but the only details I was able to confirm were the ones I’d already figured out and not overly helpful. Faced with the choice between trying to recreate a mystery or call it a day, I made a big choice. I let it go. And it felt good.

Also I have a pretty skein of singles that may just make an interesting Hitchhiker some day… So far I like how this intention idea is working out!

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